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Hello! So you've found our stellar interstellar documentary Everyone Does Their Chores in Polyuna! "Wait a minute I thought this was a webcomic?" Well, yesss, technically but really it's a documentary that's just filmed as a webcomic because of budgetary constraints. The characters that inhabit EDTCIP are quite real, and this is their story. 


"Is Polyuna for me?" Well, we hope so. For what it's worth we sure love the heck out of it. It's an epic Sci-Fi-fantasy documentary that's a bit like Lost in Space meets the Muppet Show with dragons. It's cute, funny, fun, heartwarming and just a little bit irreverent. Inside you'll find love, adventure, comedy, slimy despots, tender-hearted root-men, malevolent cosmic entities, and a selfish protagonist who loves stinky salty fried snacks and who might learn to be a little less self-centered by the end of his misadventures...maybe. 


In other words, it's not a story for everyone, but it's certainly a story for a special someone. If the thought of any of the previously mentioned content warms any corner of your heart or soul, we'd suggest you try it out.


-Now back to work! 


Sincerely, your friends 

and cosmic documentarians, 













-----The Polyuna Team 

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