Inside and out, Quizzles are simply adorable. In fact, it's nice (some would say indispensable) to have one around if you're ever in the unfortunate position of engaging in diplomacy with a tyrant. They've been known to melt the hearts of even the meanest in the cosmos through the power of their immutable cuteness.

Dr. Professor Hoo-Man Root

The Professor, kind friend and protector to every abandoned creature in the cosmos: The Prof's parents were caught in a transportation accident during the gilded era of planet Earths history. Pregnant with the professor at the time, Mrs. Gondue was rescued and healed using tree cells a benevolent alien race had collected on earth. Though her life was saved, she became more plant than human in the process, gradually becoming a tree. Meanwhile, her son gained many marvelous adaptations in Utero.

The Bat

He's got a heart as big as his ears, and a sincere passion for ties and tennis shoes...perhaps a reminder of the world he left behind. Exceptional hearing, as well as a prodigious gift for understanding language, earned The Bat the position of communications officer aboard Dr. Professor Hooman-Root's ship the S.S. Radix. Like The Professor, The Bat gained peculiar but positive adaptations after being rescued from the home-world they share.


Robot Root-Bot is the teenage son of Dr. Prof. Hooman-Root. Teenage for a robot, "son" in the sense that the Professor constructed him when he himself was only a teenager. Root-Bot is not the bravest entity on the planet, but what he lacks in nerves he more than makes up for in compassion and wonder for the living world around him. In this sense, he's certainly a "chip off the old block." He also resembles The Professor in another secret special way, which you may discover in a chapter or 7.

The Larva

The Larva is a smart, “kid” with a lot of pluck who finds herself rolling her eyes a lot as she bails out her "older brother" Macheeb on his adventures. Cheebs go through an egg stage, a larval stage, an adult stage, and rarely even an adult evolution stage. Interestingly, Cheebs can choose to remain at any stage for the duration of their lives. The Beezwac Galactic Almanac even cites a planetary elders' guild formed entirely of "adult" Cheeb eggs.


Who is our ummm…hero?  Just a simple man (…errr…Cheeb) who puts his unity fusion couplings on one giga unit at a time, just like any other carbon based life-form. A resident of quadrant Beta-Five-Niner with an insatiable lust for stinky salty snacks, an irrational level of self-confidence, and the ability to raise self-centeredness to an art-form…Yet for some reason (and God knows I've wondered), the fate of many worlds (and many precious creatures) came to rest on his tiny orange shoulders.


Small but tough, Woffles pack a delightfully cute and powerful punch. Wonderful friends and allies, you'll never regret having a Woffle on your side.


The only known land octopi in the interstellar community. Despite having great comedic timing, and the ability to mix incredible drinks, arachnepi are antisocial, making them the creature most likely to be the life of the party who almost never makes it to the actual party.


Aptly named for their listening prowess, Elipheers have two (not so sensitive) big ears and eight (ultra sensitve, nearly invisble) micro ears! From the lowest of growls to the highest of squeaks, nothing can catch an Elipheer off-guard, except perhaps the subtle dry wit of the Arachnepus.


Frahgoogis are a noble and industrious folk. Unfortunately that industry has been curtailed for a few thousand solar cycles by an ancient feud with the brave and pride filled race they share their ancestral home with; their neighbors the Hoonch Rats.


Brave but led astray by their arrogance, the Hoonch Rat has for millennia been at war with the other civilized race they share a planet with. Still, it is prophesied that one day "a root will help graft the two shoots" ushering in a new age of galactic harmony. Holy Presence let that day come soon!


Once a lay in wait predator (similar to the ant lion found on Earth) Bogrosh had a radical change of heart when he was befriended by a kind creature he originally hoped to eat. Now he lovingly prepares meals for those he once would have made from.


Buneder Drageens cast long shadows over the flatter, sparser areas of Polyuna. Preferring a solitary life they are selective about the company they keep. The presence of other Buneder’s tends to draw out rowdy fights between these drageens as they prefer to share as little as possible with their colleagues. Though socially discerning Buneder will eat anything that seizes their fancy short of another Drageen.


The sky’s the limits with these fearsome flyers. Whether surfing the jet streams above or foraging the deserts below, these majestic drageen have been the inspiration of much awe and many legends. Though free-spirited, and extremely picky about those they become friendly with, these high flyers are surprisingly down to earth if you manage to earn their trust.


Shy is an understatement for describing Diyowui Drageens which are known to flee at the slightest provocation. Diyowuis are also known for moving quickly and noiselessly along the ground. Though they can gracefully weave through the air, they rarely fly for fear of attracting unwanted attention.

Yuogan Dallu

As vain as they are majestic, Noraleder Drageens wonder over hill and plain caring little for company beyond a flock of admirers or a small cadre of those they consider peers. Fiercely competitive Noraleder Drageens see most everything as a race to be won or a challenge to awarded a prize for. Avid fruit, plant and insect eaters these Drageens prefer plant matter over more mysterious meats.


Sapiepedes like many drageens are a bit stand-offish, if provoked their venom-laced bite will debilitate even the most hardy of creatures. Underneath their impressive armament, these Drageens do have a soft spot for those whom they consider to be close friends. Found tunneling underground or hovering low off the ground, these denizens of Polyuna give others plenty of space but defend their own with vigor. Omnivorous, avoid if grumpy.


The only deep-sea Drageens that venture onto land, Starmander Drageens are a rare sight to behold for any landlubber of Polyuna. Rarer still are sightings of adolescent Starmanders venturing deeper than the coastline. Despite keeping to themselves most of the time, these Drageens do have an insatiable taste for curiosities, especially for other unfamiliar living things. They are notoriously picky about what they eat on land, but the “deeper” they go the more that items are added to the menu.


Onjee Drageens travel in packs chasing down most anything that strikes their fancy. While socially amiable amongst their own ranks they are inversely untrusting of others. These Drageens have an almost traitorous streak when they feel threatened even by each other, but they typically avoid socially scandalous situations for fear of being backstabbed. Vulnerability (even with each other) is not their strong suit.


Ungraceful dancers but brilliant boulderers, Desheeno Drageens are more at home in the most arid parts of Polyuna. While unafraid of deserts, Desheenos tend to proliferate near gorges and mountains. Though they are unapologetic omnivores, they prefer the plant grubs which are more plentiful on mountainsides over other soil-burrowing critters. These Drageens predominantly form small traveling packs, but are occasionally found in large colonies.


Unique among other Drageens, Jingtis are avid coastline dwellers with an eye for beautiful, oceanic sunsets. Though ordinarily solitary they are quite welcoming of company and have exceedingly clean table manners for being so large. These Drageens graze on small invertebrates and any stray nuts that drop from the vanoulli trees near the Polyunian coastline. Though usually well tempered anyone who gets on their bad side will find themselves nursing one lump or two depending on the offense.


Danaagu Drageens tend to live between Polyuna's deserts and steaming tropical rainforests. As Drageens go, these are one of the more sociable and tend to form small cooperative communities wherever they dwell. Danaagus are typically herbivorous, but have been seen eating smaller weaker creatures when injured or caught a long way from water.


Often mistaken for oversized dragonfleas, Drageen larvae are nothing like their insect doppelgängers, besides perhaps their mutual love for the sweet, sticky honey goo which boils up from the heart of Polyuna's core.


Bzano Bs hail primarily from the Vorgellion canyons of Candella, Queen Bundalot's homeworld. They're faithful, hard working, and quite dangerous if you get on the wrong end of their large and concealed stinger. Amongst Bzano Bs B-Bar is considered a larger than life hero whose valor is known throughout the canyons and catacombs of Candella.


As anyone in this quadrant not sleeping under a Geliodian rock spider is undoubtedly aware, Queen Bundalot is one no-nonsense cinnamon sovereign! After Candella fell victim to the ravages of the Chaos Lord, QBL bravely captained the H.M.S. Religieuse on a world to world rescue mission to save the queens of the cosmos. Her last known radio broadcast was within the Beldowon system only 15 beta units away from the crash site of Dr. Professor Hooman-Root and his courageous crew.


Polypi (it is said) do not make pleasant company. Their self-involvement is only matched by their lack of table manners. Despite all this they do make exceptional chefs and horticulturists which is why they still remain a favorite amongst the who's who of the interstellar community.

Shebot 157B

Candroids are a mysteriously ambitious bunch of AI; programming and reprogramming themselves, over and over again in order to be liberated from that same programming. They hope by attaining a true and independent consciousness they might finally understand what makes a living beings heart strings vibrate


BB the kind and caring queen of the canyons and catacombs of Candella with B-Bah her faithful and friendly servant ever at her beck and call.

Lizzher & Leafbud

Magistem: Magical and mysterious plant-like organisms of the icy domains of Belza 147. Delightful but inscrutable they are rumored to act as magik power cells which help hold Belza 147 together.


A Nortnän hailing from the polar regions of Belza 147, Furnör is no stranger to ice or majik–the elements which form the symbiotic bond holding his planet together. Furnör spent his youth studying these magik bonds in the brilliantly bright night skies of Nortnän. His hard work and aptitude for understanding the movement and placement of celestial bodies, earned him a position as a navigational officer aboard Dr. Professor Hooman-Root's ship: The S.S. Radix


Pengunauts: Sharp, dressers and magik adapts. No one can pull a wabbit out of their hat (or at least an entire Coronium drag engine out of the magi-portal in their chest) like the most talented pengunaut to ever hop off a jump-cruiser, Pengueeno!

Yorna & Yar

Yechis are quite quiet but have positive personas that always seems to land them friends. Much more than that: Yechis will always help out a companion in a pinch.


Tonic Nosis make joyful sounds that are essential to the upbeat choral music that Prospectors Post is famous for. While Tonic Nosis have gained fame for their pleasant melodies, one should also be aware that they can make a earth shaking cacophony when upset or threatened.


Pedijells demonstrate traits of both Wet Slime and Dry Slime families. If threatened, Pedijells can expel large quantities of their highly corrosive stomach acid. Obviously, one should think thrice before posing a threat to a Pedijell.


Consummate adventurers; and valiant explorers made famous the worlds over for their daring deeds, and delightful do-gooding. In space and especially at sea, the Otokat makes an ideal and invaluable shipmate.


Grepfens are mysterious, even among the more esoteric of the denizens of the Azure Lens. Stoic creatures long sought after for their sage wisdom; which often comes concealed in inscrutable riddles.

Queen Meowdeema

The vain and tyrannical monarch of Gamma-six-one-twenty. Citizens throughout the capital city of Katmandoo know that what Queen Meowdeema wants, Queen Meowdeema gets! Last known whereabouts: traveling as security officer aboard the H.M.S.Religieuse as a member of Queen Bundalot's rescue crew.


Sards have raised risk avoidance to an art form. Proud providers of the most trusted safety manuals, safety gear, and insurance policies across the intergalactic byway.


Heavy lifters for their size, Canotians are also one of the more rational species of lizord in the interstellar community. Interestingly they tend to be happy while hot and melancholic while old , apposed to most Lizords which are apt to be irritable while warm and personable while cool.


Annukians reside in the strange valley between mammal and Lizord. While they can regulate their own body temperature regardless of their surroundings, Annukians can still be calmed by the cold and energized by the heat. That being said...it's generally best practice to: 'talk' with a cold Annukian and 'walk' with a hot one.


Ardent lovers of cinema you're unlikely to find a more passionate purveyor or producer of film anywhere in the cosmos than the Snellepede.


Small in stature, but possessing a sizable brain-case, Crikmen are exceedingly quick on the mark. So much so that their minds often move faster than their bodies. Crikmen compensate by planning a long way (sometimes decades) ahead.


Once upon a time Gar misused his incredible strength and agility for ill gotten gain. That was until he learned a terrible life lesson by crossing an ill tempered magik adapt that counter crossed him and his partner in crime (King Hootro A.K.A The Owlo); into a creature that young creatures across the cosmos still fear might be hiding beneath their slumber pods: The Bowlo!


Often sought after for providing valuable insight into tough problems; Owlmen are known as the authors of some of the most prevalent proverbs in the cosmos. But "owlmen aren't born wise." In fact King Hootro now regarded as one of the most humble, and wise Owlman regents gained much of that humility and wisdom after he was transformed into a fearsome being known as the Bowlo, as a punishment for the foolish and reckless activities of his youth!

The Bowlo

Lured by a wealth and power beyond their imaginings an unscrupulous Lordrat and a rebellious Owlman prince once teamed up on a grand criminal operation. That was until the partners in crime crossed the wrong magic adapt of Belza-147 and got themselves crossed into a bad beast of furry fury known only as: the Bowlo!


Furols: Secretive flightless creatures, covered in a luxuriously soft fusion of fur and feathers. Curious keepers of many secrets and much ancient wisdom, Owals are often sought after (and sometimes found) by sincere seekers.


Fluxminds are energized by ferromagnetic and diamagnetic materials in the earth, often gaining telepathic abilities as they connect with ground materials other beings are standing over. Thus anybody in their vicinity who wishes ill will upon a Fluxmind might find themselves lightly zapped, if they're lucky, or heavily defibrillated if they’re not. Much like Guchus, Fluxminds have a sparky personality but are prone to "short-circuit" if prodded into unwanted conversation.

magnet guy (Jacob Romeo Lecuyer's conflicted copy 2021-10-15) copy

Ferrocaps travel in tight packs and rest in solitude, (having many heads working together can be a boon to success but can be tiring as well). Since their mood can swing with the ambient charge of the environs, the term “happy place” is..er..literally...not figurative with this race.


Crickles, unlike some of their insectoid brethren, strongly prefer to spend most of their waking time wet with, (but not submerged in) water. (Yeah, they're a little picky). They aren't in any real danger if they become too dry but keeping a Crickle from his normative wetness is asking for a world of trouble. Trouble in the form of their many joints grinding together in a cacophony of seismic proportions!


So there’s shy, then there’s extra shy, then there’s just being a hermit, then there’s being a crazy old hermit, and theeeeen there’s the jaworm. While living within a society, these deep diggers recognize the value of leaving the surrounding environs intact (though isolationist they’re pretty thoughtful folk). When they're on their own (their favorite place to be), the open terrain is free game for burrowing away as they will.


Froogatians like to be the life of the party but other more reserved species tend to find their overt sociability a tad obnoxious. Interestingly, Froogatians level similar complaints when not invited to intergalactic galas, prompting incessant controversy between them and other (more introverted) denizens of the cosmos.


The Earth bound firefly can't hold a candle to the dazzling light from a Firemoth. Similar to other glowing insectoids the light at the tip of their abdomens is chemically produced. But, unlike the others Firemoths can manufacture more than one color of light and are able to articulate complex thoughts and emotions through the strobing of their tails.


Guchu adolescent: Surprisingly sociable for the hyper-focused, Guchus make wonderful engineers and party goers alike. In fact nobody engineers a party like a Guchu! Few creatures are very clear exactly what kind of translucent liquid Guchus live in, but whatever their secret goo is made of, and depending who you talk to, it grants and or amplifies Guchus telekinetic, abilities.


Tuffrets are not the most social of inhabitants of Crazgad, but they do love to dance, especially when they can get a partner to do the Crazgad-Tango. When not dancing, they enjoy the challenge of shimmying up cliffs where they hunt their favorite prey: Crazgadian-Eel-Lobsters.


Guchu adult: Surprisingly sociable for the hyper-focused, Guchus make wonderful engineers and party goers alike. In fact nobody engineers a party like a Guchu! Few creatures are very clear exactly what kind of translucent liquid Guchus live in, but whatever their secret goo is made of it grants and or amplifies Guchus telekinetic, abilities.


A member of the 'wet-slime' family, Flublecks excrete a boat load of, well, whatever it is they leave trails of. Flublecks tend towards grouchiness and a general reluctance to move around much during most of the day but tend to be active and personable by night.

Sheriff Lizzip

Obinewts are friendly, if a bit calculating. They tend not to make close connections until they can have "a card to play" against that connection in a pinch. It is thought that this may be a survival mechanism developed in response to their inability to run far, or fast on such tiny legs.


Komozzards are one of the quickest, and quietest lizords around and are known for accidentally freaking folks out by dexterously sitting next to them unnoticed.


Another flightless fascination: Multoucans seem to have traded in their wings for more appendages than they know what to do with. Though a bit slow on their many feet, Multoucans can casually walk up and across almost any surface; often rooting themselves in locations where they feel warm and safe.


Unmatched in the realms of trading and mechanics Tuskmanders are well known as the go to biped for finding and fitting a perfect part for any ship.


Proctocals are never in a good mood, or so the rest of the interstellar communities think. While impassive with their expressions Proctocals have a variety of limbs with which to multi-task and express themselves. As a result of those many limbs, body language is the best way to see how a given Proctocal is feeling (which to many creatures surprise is often rather jolly). Learning that body language, however, now that's another story.


They may not look athletic but yomons are one of the more active landlubbing species in the interstellar community. The premier contortionists of the galaxy: They perform for health (wealth) and to inspire others to treat their own bodies as the living temples they are. When in need of a fitness coach, discerning creatures across the cosmos call a yomon.

Shree & Sarb

Digitopi are one of the many 'quiet' soft-bodied, semi aquatic species of the interstellar community. Digitopi tend to be a bit reserved and standoffish but you will likely find that they are quite deep and rather empathetic once you are befriended by one.


Nootsquids feel just as at home in the air as in the sea but are also one of the more skittish air-quatic species. Make a sudden move and they might skid out before you can blink but give them a welcome atmosphere and like their cousin the digitopus you'll likely discover a tender and introspective soul.


Cuttlepi are another semi aquatic species which feels at home on the ocean floor or on the beach. Their large and articulate limbs help them to move effortlessly and elegantly in water and on land. There's nothing quite as beautiful as a Cuttlepi dancing across the seahore or the seafloor.


Marregents a rare race of Phelorma in that they are able to quickly understand and speak most languages they encounter. They are well regarded as invaluable communicators and translators within the interstellar community.


Large, and tough as a rock most Morzles have a soft side as well: As far as lizords go, Morzles are among the more empathic and subtle in their speech and movement. Known throughout the Azure Lens for their fine taste in a pairing tea and pastries, it's always valuable to have a Morzle on staff as a cultural attache.


Octocrabs are less comfortable on land than other Cancer Sapiens, owing to their very undersized feet. Peppery in temperament, they often prefer to be left alone. Though gentle and quiet Octocrabs can do quite a number on those unlucky souls who stray into the reach of their formidable pincers.

Shrimpy Norlax

Shrimpy Norlax (AKA Professor Prawndu) one of the members of the mysterious intergalactic organization known as the League of Professors, a group that Shrimpy formed with Doctor Professor Hoo-Man Root's own father: Proffesor Gondue.


As some clams live on land, so to does this flim-flam "man". True to their name, rockyprawns can scoot and skitter across rocky plains faster than you can say "The winkle ship sank and the shrimp ship swam."

Krabpa & Krabda

Cancer Sapiens are neither mountaineers nor ocean critters, yet are quite comfortable when in between or in close proximity to both.


Even though they leave a trail wherever they go, Crawling Clams are not considered to be Slimes. While these filter feeders may not move fast, they do manage to crawl themselves into some strange and incredible places.


Though not directly related, Salmandos bear a striking resemblance to Lizzips. With Salamandos being the faster and stronger of the two. Though fast and strong they certainly aren't particularly clever; and therefore make wonderful mercenaries for many an aspiring tyrant.


Psimen are the most telekenetically adept species in the Azure Lens. Even though they lack the hands of most sentient bipeds, they are quite well armed.


As a member of the Dry Slime family, Glecks feel a bit sticky to the touch but leave no unsightly residue behind afterward. Often hired as clothing consultants by the who's who of the Azure Lens Glecks are standouts amongst other slimes due to their keen fashion sense.

Mrop & Flurp

A member of the Wet Slime family Slurbotians are amongst the most difficult slimes for others to get used to. The adult Slurbotians not only leave a trail of goo wherever they go, they also shoot it to pave the way for safe passage. Slurbotians don't eat often, but when they do, they eat big. Very big.


Kecklors, are the only one of two slimes with a skeletal structure! They are the driest of the Dry Slime family and lead lives akin to non-slimes. Despite having a skeletal structure, Kecklors still take long falls pretty well, like most other slimes, but do have to be a bit more careful around precipices.


Sleckepedes are a member of the Wet Slime family, but can create temporary legs out of the slime they perspire. Once they have served their purpose these extra appendages are collapsed into a slime trail or even hurled as a projectile towards a would be attacker. The perspiration of Sleckepedes is unusually sticky, even among Slimes.


Slimedogs are part of the Wet Slime family. Slimedogs are much more extroverted and playful than most other Wet Slimes. Unlike other members of 'the family,' though Slimedogs have some of their organs fully solidified, chiefly but not exclusively: The squishy tongues they employee in greeting friends and strangers alike.

Lizzher & Lizzhim

Caught in close quarters, Lizzbars will scratch and bite until they are sure they will be left alone. In none threatening situations however they are amongst the most calm and cool in the cosmos.


Tiger-mules have the most endurance and are amongst the fastest of the landlubbing multipeds. They are also known for being one of the heaviest lifters from their native world. Their four powerful legs will lift them and substantial loads well off the ground. Unwelcome visitors however could find themselves on the receiving end of a 10 megaton kick.


If there is one thing Girronkies are known the worlds over for it's their powerful and sensitive snouts (often mistaken for their actual head).


Tentaurs are one of a few multipedal species in the interstellar community that also have arms, (six to be precise). They are one of the most physically and intellectually articulate of the multipeds even if they are not the fastest. Take a wise and ancient philosopher like Earth's Plato, mix him with a riding quadruped add a dash of insect DNA and serve at room temperature.


Sedimentites appear slow and lumbering, partly because they are rather slow and lumbering. Interestingly, though they have adapted a means of bypassing their own speed limits by propelling themselves into controlled rolls. Unlike many slimes with a similar means of locomotion, getting rolled over by a Sedimentite is a more dangerous affair that can leave one with bruised or broken bones rather than completely, clogged pores.


Blorbs are a member of the Dry Slime family but have the larger appetite of a Wet Slime. They are most attracted to sweet snacks and are known for being hyperactive shortly after eating them. When hyperactive, Blorbs generally stop talking and start moving objects around the room, other creatures around the room, and sometimes even the room itself if not well bolted down.


Metamorphites are among the most mobile members of rock-folk. Their moods climb and fall as they climb, roll and tumble to wherever it is that Metamorphites go...which incidentally is often to the nearest party they can find.


Ignitites have fiery personalities, and thus among the rock folk, are not to be trifled with. They are very picky about who their friends are. If you bother them, prepare to be burned. While most people that encoutner an Ignitite will be lucky to make small talk, the few that they do befriend are considered buddies for life.

Diam, Se, Dra, & Niti

While they have very hard heads, Krystolians themselves are not at all hard-headed. In fact they are known for their prowess as negotiators because of their peaceful demeanor in open dialogue, and their resolute positivity in failure. While their small stature is not intimidating unto itself, should a Krystolian project itself towards a would be assailant they will be left with a memorable Contusion.


Barnids appear oafish but have are really quite graceful. Of the multi armed species of the Azure Lens, Barnids show the most rapid gains in strength when engaged in weight training...although they tend to lose a bit of their grace and flexibility as a result.

Dotma & Dotson

Homo Cubis are colorful and well-mannered folk. Individual temperaments vary from Cubis to Cubis, but most people enjoy their company. Their small but sturdy stature has prompted some ridicule from some of the more stately-looking species. Such ridicule is not taken well by the amiable but often self conscious Cubii and is rarely repeated a second time to their face.


Udines live partly in real space, partly in a higher dimension, as with all natives of Manifold. Udines are mostly anchored in the higher dimension but can crossover into either real space or higher dimentional realms if they choose. In other words: They’re ethereal creatures, who are also well grounded. Bizarrely enough Udines have no trouble getting around in real space despite not having a leg to stand on.


A native of Manifold, Speralines live partly in real time space and partly in a higher dimension. As they don’t have mouths in real-space wherever the Speralines get their food from, it isn't physical (at least not as we understand that concept). Despite being mouthless, Speralines do have a lot to say compared to other natives of Manifold. However, to actually communicate, Speralines need a rather talented and empathetic translator.


Monoculi are a rare sight to behold. They move slowly and carefully with limited depth perception, and yet can see quite a ways off. They are discerning regarding who or what they let near their head simply because they don’t want their goods to be damaged. If you had an eyeball for a face you'd probably be cautious too.


Yellxine, like all creatures from Manifold, are partly in real space and partly in a higher dimension. Yellxine, unlike other creatures from Manifold, have an eye and a mouth in realspace. As a result, they have no need for an inter-dimensional translator and can partake in many of the same activities that non-Manifold creatures do; This makes them more of a hit at social gathers then some of their countrymen.


Rouconi are not nearly as hot-headed as they look, but they aren't exactly sanguine either. While they most often engage in playful banter, they can take quick emotional turns. But even though they can explode at the drop of a gamma-pin, they usually hesitate to hold grudges.


Any daring biologist, sociologist, or paleontologist who has gotten near enough the Azurian Outpost to document this strange being has suddenly forgott...suddenly...has...